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The District branding has been designed to be flexible and used across a verity of media. Used in the correct way it makes a positive and powerful statement: We are Maldon District.

Below are examples of how the District Branding has been used to create unique and exciting designs.

Causeway hoarding


The Council have worked with Aquila Developments Ltd to install impressive new ‘Sense of Place’ hoarding around the forthcoming Blackwater Retail Park.

The new hoarding speaks of the areas distinct and wonderful heritage, culture and environment. It conveys our coastal connection, our independent and timeless character and the District’s gastro experience. By celebrating all that the District offers to individuals, family and businesses it supports a vibrant local economy and fosters a positive environment for business.

Burnham Saltmarsh Coast Hub


The Dengie Gateway Project is an ongoing programme of work to promote the District as a first class tourism destination and celebrate the area's distinct and dynamic coast line.

As part of the project five bespoke Saltmarsh Coast visitor information hubs are being installed along with audio posts, signage and waymarking, all inspired and utilising the District Brand. This work has been Coastal Community’s Funded.


The Crouch Coast leaflet was produced by the Crouch Coastal Community Team, in Partnership with Rochford District Council and Chelmsford City Council. The leaflet draws on the Sense of Place colour palette, place photography, themes and fonts to create a stunning document.

It is a great example of how elements of the District Branding can be used when in partnership with other areas.

Maldon Festival



The much loved annual Maldon Festival takes place in early summer and brings an amazing array of music and arts to the Town of Maldon.

This year the festival wanted to recognise its contribution to the district and its part in our story by simply using the Sense of Place graphic language.