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The strength of the District Branding is its ability to draw people and organisations together to enrich the offer made by the Maldon District.


Maldon District Council is proud to support the Sense of Place project and District Branding, and is committed to creating opportunities for economic growth and prosperity, to make the Maldon District a better place to live, work and enjoy.

For more information on how the Council can support businesses and organisations in benefiting from the use of the District Branding, contact

The 'Place Board' is the driving force of the Sense of Place project and legacy and guardians of the District Brand. Members meet regularly to progress ideas and projects for the benefit of the 'place' and its people. Each member brings something important and is also well placed to provide support and advice.

Charlie fillingham


Charlie Fillingham, Managing Director of Strutt & Parker Farms Ltd and Chairman of the Place Board.
The Maldon District is a wonderful place and the District Branding project gives us a way to promote and celebrate this. The Place Board are working together on a number of ideas for the benefit of local people and businesses.

Paul Dodson, Director of Planning & Regulatory Services


Paul Dodson, Director of Planning & Regulatory Services for Maldon District Council and member of the Place Board.

The Council has already seen the value of using the District Banding to complement its own Council branding. Elements of it can be seen in our buildings, communications and even lanyards. It is my hope that the branding brings real value and collaboration among Maldon District Businesses as well as voluntary and community groups.

John parling


John Parling, Aquila Developments Limited and member of the Place Board.

There is great variety and natural diversity in the Maldon District. From quaint villages to truly modern businesses. The area is well linked but just off the main highway to enable a peaceful pace of life. Promoting this and attracting new and growing businesses brings wealth and opportunity to residents.

Janie robinson


Janie Robinson, Business Owner and Managing Director of Osea Leisure Group and member of the Place Board.

I love this area, and with my background in hospitality, leisure and tourism, I am focused on making the most of our visitor economy and promoting that further. We want to enable visitors and locals to discover more of what is on their door step; the District Branding is one way people can link together all that we offer. I'm very excited to be one of the drivers of the sense of place.

Penny channer


Penny Channer, County and District Councillor and member of the Place Board.

As an elected official and local resident I am keen to see the district promoted for all that we offer. From quality of life, to leisure and business opportunities, we should celebrate what we have and what we have created. The District Branding and Story convey our pride in the Maldon District.

Duncan clark


Duncan Clark, Braxted Park and member of the Place Board.

Maldon benefits from some local and international brands, a range of excellent attractions and venues as well as a great reputation for food and events.  We want to bring this all together so people know that time spent in the Maldon District is special.

Daniel wylie


Daniel Wylie, Managing Director Aldanat Care and member of the Place Board.

Quality of life is important to all of us at all stages of our life. The Maldon District offers plenty for everyone and it is unsurprising that the area is very popular and many people choose to live and spend their time here. Ensuring the area is well thought of and well regarded is beneficial to everyone.

Sarah laskar


Sarah Laskar, Director of Maldon and District CVS, Voluntary Sector representative work in partnership with the Place board

The people of Maldon District are one of the biggest assets that we have locally and the diversity of the voluntary sector demonstrates the commitment of local people to making Maldon District better for everyone who lives or visits here. The sector includes charities and groups that recognise, protect and promote the heritage of our unique district alongside charities that serve to support people through information, advice and support to help them enjoy living in the area.