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The Maldon District seals have been created to make incorporating the Sense of Place Branding easier on all media. They are designed not to encroach on existing branding but complement existing designs.
Click on the individual seal to download it or the folder icons to download all of the relevent options.

The business seals speak of the District’s strong and varied economy, celebrating collaboration and recognising the contribution that businesses make to their communities.

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The leisure and tourism seals connect the diverse and exciting attractions, events and destinations that form #VisitMaldonDistrict and, in doing so, link the offers made by the District’s leisure and tourism operators, groups and locations so that visitors are inspired to explore and discover more.

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The community seals celebrate the role of community groups and the voluntary sector in the life of the District: connecting the diverse range of charities and groups that work tirelessly to protect and promote our heritage, support vulnerable people and enrich local life.